Thursday, February 24, 2011

One week old!

Can you believe our lil' man is one week old today? I cant. I know that I should still be pregnant but I am so blessed on how well my little boy is doing and that he is here even though it was earlier then expected. He is still going strong breathing on his own still not getting feeds but we are hoping that will change tomorrow after his heart echo. HHe got his 3rd dose (second time around) of indosin today to help close his PDA so we are all praying that the echo will show that closed tomorrow! Other then that he is our lil' Rockstar suprising us around every corner. Chase and I have made it up to the hospital everyday to visit some days only for a few hours but it is still so precious to see our little boy. Chase still has a bit of a cough so he has chose to not hold him at all we would hate for him to get sick. Chase is hoping by this weekend or next week he will be able to hold his son. Also big sister Kaydince has been battling a cough but now she is on antibiotics so hoping she'll be able to visit soon as well.
We are still planning on transferring Tiberius to Ridges hospital sometime soon ofcourse when HE is ready! The hospital (ridges) says HE has to be 30weeks before they will allow him to transfer which will be tomorrow. We are expecting that his PDA has to be closed and resume feedings.

Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers they are greatly appreciated!

Lots of love

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