Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting BIG!

My little man is offically 4lbs!!!!! He hit that milestone yesterday :) he is also now 16 1/4inches long. He is doing great still just working on his breastfeeding skills and working on his temp to get out of that isolette!!! That is all I have to report!

Lots of love

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Met my sister Kaydince :)

So last night big sister Kaydince finally got to meet Tiberius! At first she seemed a little distracted by the hospital but then she asked if she could hold her lil' brother. Once she got him in her arms she didnt want to let go she just sat and talked to him and kissed him on his hat and held his sweet little hand. When I told her it was time to go she say, bye i am staying here. Since she couldnt she now has big plans to go up there with me every night at 5pm as long as she gets her homework done!

Tiberius is doing great 3lbs 9oz now and eating like a little champ! He took 14mils by breast last night :) which is over 1/2 of his feeding! Today he did 8mils which is all good for his age (32weeks 5days)

Tiberius will have to wait until he comes home to meet his big sister Aricelli but I am sure she will also love him lots!

Lots of love

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiberius is doing very well not much has changed since the last update. He is still getting 27mils per feeding every 3hours and still breastfeeding once or twice a day and getting around 8mils each time! The nurses are still amazed that he is breastfeeding at all since "usually" babies dont start till around 34weeks and he is 32weeks 4days gestationally.

He is now 3pounds 7ounces and 15 1/2 inches long! Just a little trooper feeding and growing!

Lots of love

Monday, March 7, 2011

I love to Eat and I moved!

Tiberius has now moved to Ridges hospital in Burnsville! He was moved there on Sunday and so far he seems to love his new "home!"
He also started breastfeeding and today we decieded to weigh him before he went to breast to see if he was getting any volume. Well that lil' eater took 8mils which is GREAT! The nurse didnt expect him to take any so instead of his 27mils by tube he got 19 after feeding so I will go back tonight and try breastfeeding again at 5pm. He can go to breast twice a day untill he gets the hang of it then we will go to more frequently!!!
He is now 3lbs 4oz and doing very very well he is working on maintaining his temp still in his isolette. So just feeding and growing like he should be. He is no longer being followed by the Neonatologists he is now being followed by Southdale Pediatrics :) which is a good thing!

Lots of love

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 weeks old

Tiberius is two weeks old today, where did the time go? He is an amazing lil' peanut and holding his own! He is now back on feedings and rocking it out starting tonight at 8pm they are going to be giving him 21mils every 3hours which is Full feedings for his weight! He also now weighs 3lbs which is great since at one point he was down to 2lbs 6oz. Other then that he is the same breathing on his own and just a chilled relax little man. He does have a few heart rates dips each day but he brings it right back up on his own with no help from the nurses! When I go and visit we do kangaroo care (skin to skin) and he seems to love it the last few times he licks me while laying there, its funny he's like a little kitty.
He is also now wearing clothes!!!

We asked the doctor when they were thinking of transferring him to the hospital near us and they said more then likely beginning of next week. The reason they dont want to do it now is because his PDA is not fully closed and they dont want to transfer him and then he end up needing surgery (which they dont think he will but better safe then sorry) and having to be sent back up to the University hospital. So the Dr wants a few more days to keep an eye on the PDA and then once he is more certain he wont need surgery then they'll transfer.

Love to all,