Thursday, February 24, 2011

One week old!

Can you believe our lil' man is one week old today? I cant. I know that I should still be pregnant but I am so blessed on how well my little boy is doing and that he is here even though it was earlier then expected. He is still going strong breathing on his own still not getting feeds but we are hoping that will change tomorrow after his heart echo. HHe got his 3rd dose (second time around) of indosin today to help close his PDA so we are all praying that the echo will show that closed tomorrow! Other then that he is our lil' Rockstar suprising us around every corner. Chase and I have made it up to the hospital everyday to visit some days only for a few hours but it is still so precious to see our little boy. Chase still has a bit of a cough so he has chose to not hold him at all we would hate for him to get sick. Chase is hoping by this weekend or next week he will be able to hold his son. Also big sister Kaydince has been battling a cough but now she is on antibiotics so hoping she'll be able to visit soon as well.
We are still planning on transferring Tiberius to Ridges hospital sometime soon ofcourse when HE is ready! The hospital (ridges) says HE has to be 30weeks before they will allow him to transfer which will be tomorrow. We are expecting that his PDA has to be closed and resume feedings.

Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers they are greatly appreciated!

Lots of love

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I want my food back!

Hello everyone Tiberius is still doing GREAT! He is 2lbs 6oz which is still down from his birth weight of 2lbs 12oz but the doctors are not concerned at this point. They have stopped his feeds at this point because yesterday afternoon they heard a heart murmur so they did a heart echo. During the echo they found a PDA which means that the Ductus in his heart is not closed like it should be this is very common in preemie babies. So they are giving him 3doses of medicine (indosin) to help this close. They will repeat the echo tomorrow morning if it is closed then they will resume feedings if not then they will do another dose of meds. I spoke with his nurse this morning and she said she didnt hear the heart murmur so it may have already started to close up, YAY! Even though our lil' man isnt able to get milk through his feeding tube he is still allowed to get a little bit of breastmilk during his oral cares. His nurse said she gave him some today on his paci and he LOVED it! So I really hope he can resume feedings tomorrow because he LOVES it so much :)
He is still breathing on his own like a lil' Rockstar and still a pretty calm lil' man.

We will go and visit him this evening since we dont have a sitter for Aricelli.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers they mean the world to us!

Lots of love
Kierstien <3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let it Snow let it snow let it snow

Tiberius is 3days old today and experiencing his first snow storm from the comfort of his isolete! Wish I could spend my snow days in a warm comfy place :) I did kangaroo care with him today for an hour and it was amazing he just layed there and slept while I adored him and talked with his nurse. By the time I was done with kangroo care I looked out the window and saw the white flakes coming down outside.
He is doing great today they went down on his feeds to 3ml every three hours because they calculated it wrong yesterday. But he was tolerating the feedings so well the nurse is going to talk to the doctors today and see if we can put him back on 8ml every 3hours. He is down a little on his weight to 2lbs 6oz but that is to be expected the first week plus he pees lots! Oh great news he POOPED today, yay and everything looks great with that! I changed his diaper and took his temp this morning and he is doing great.

The dr's have not done rounds yet today so I am sure I'll have more to update later today. I was going to try to let him get used to breastfeeding today but with the 15 to 20 inches of snow we are supposed to get we may head out before its time.

Lots of love,

Say Cheese!

Great Progress Already!

Tiberius is such a great little guy. I am so very happy to have a son and he just so sweet and I know he is going to be a mommy's boy (weather he likes it or not,lol) He is doing very well and lots has happend the last two days right after birth he was put on CPAP right away but by 12pm he was working to hard to breathe so they put him on the ventalator and gave him surfactant to help his lungs by 1am on friday he was taken off of the vent and put back on CPAP by 12pm he was on room air so they took him off the CPAP completly and he is still BREATHING ON HIS OWN now going on 37hours he also started getting breastmilk today via feeding tube he recieves 8ml every three hours and so far tolerating it wonderfully. I was able to hold him yesterday and do kangaroo twice today for an hour each. This little man is just amazing me more and more everytime I see him.

I am not going to be creating a caring bridge site for Tiberius I plan on just keeping my blog updated as much as possible.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughts and prayers I know that is why and how he is able to be doing so well and just suprising us every moment.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiberius James Fetzek is HERE

Hello Everyone! So last night I was readmitted to the hospital because around 9:30pm my water broke when I got here they did the normal stuff and I noticed a little tenderness on my belly. Water was in fact broken I was dilating every 3ish min so it was just a wait and see what happends didnt sleep much OFCOURSE but took some meds to help with that and it did! At around 8:30am my dr came in and pushed on my tummy OWW sore so she gave me another hour (she had to do surgery) and it was more tender on the left side so she said DELIVERING today. Around 9:30 I walked to OR got all set up delivered at 10:20am my beauitufl baby BOY 2lbs 12oz and 15in long. He is ofcourse in NICU he was put on cpap at first and I even got to KISS HIM while i was still getting sewn up (like "real" babies get after csection!) he cried which was AMAZING MUSIC TO MY EARS! After a few hours on cpap he was trying a litttle to hard to breathe so they intubated him and he is now on VENT he is still doing gra

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 65

So I have been on bedrest for a total of 65days so far which is a little over 9weeks and only about 9more weeks till we want this lil' one to "think" about coming out!

I havent updated in awhile been so busy but very happy to announce I am HOME! Chase picked me up from the hospital Friday afternoon. We packed up my hospital room said goodbye to my antepartum ladies ofcourse had one last chat session before I left :) they are a great group of gals and I know we will keep in touch! Hugged my favorite nurse goodbye and we exchanged a good way! SHe told me how much of an isnpiration I am to her and other nurses and patients there with how positive I am able to stay through everything. She made my day! She is the type of nurse that goes out of her way to make you feel at home and I loved that! I will for sure be keeping in touch with her.

Before I was discharged I got my second dose of steriod shots for babies lungs! Made sure no contratctions, been contraction free for almost a month now, WOW!

Went and saw my normal OB yesterday for the first time since November. He is ofcourse very happy with my progress and said he would like to see my twice a week now untill 32weeks and then weekly after that. I will also see the perinatalogist (sp?) weekly for my 17p injections and well as ultrasounds to check on baby untill 32weeks then all my care will transfer to my OB since after 32weeks I can deliver at Southdale Hospital instead of having to go to the U!

To my BBC ladies, thank you so much for being such an awesome group of ladies and worrying about me and checking in! I feel so bad not updating you all sooner but dont worry baby and I are doing great! And I PROMISE I will keep in touch better now, hugs to you all!

*As you know last Friday marked my 28week milestone, YAY! So on to the next milestone, 32weeks so only 24 more days to go!!!

Lots of love to all

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 57

So today is day 57 of bedrest and I am happy to announce I got the news that I get to go home soon YAY! Friday will mark 28weeks along in my pregnancy and since I have contracted in 2weeks the doctors are a-okay with sending me home at 28weeks!!!! And the best part of it all is I get to go home with the baby still INSIDE! I cant even express how excited I am at this point with Aricelli she was already 2weeks old and it is a HUGE milestone to keep baby inside for that much longer,yay!

I will be sad to not see the nurses everyday(well some of them,lol) and not see some of the other mommas but to see my girls and Chase everyday will be so awesome and to sleep in my own bed...ahhh!

So as long as I have another uneventful week Friday will be a great day! This week will still consist of a growth ultrasound wednesday to see how big this lil' fetzek is and to check fluid levels then I think I'll have an amniosure done before I leave to make sure my water is NOT broken.

Funny story: I called Kaydince this morning to tell her I was coming home so I said guess what mommy gets to come home in 4days thinking she would shout for JOY that mommy is FINALLY coming home after being gone a month and what does she say? "In 4 years I'll be 10!" lil stinker!!!

*Incase your keeping track 4days untill my next milestone of 28weeks!!!

Lots of love,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 54

Today is day 54 of bedrest and it also marks 27 weeks pregnant, yay!!!!

Things are going great and I feel so blessed to still be pregnant and having no complications at this point. I am still in the hospital been here 3weeks 2days now but it feels really nice to be here knowing if something changed that I have a great team of nurses and doctors to help me and baby. I have been contraction free and medication free for 2weeks which is just a mircale in itself! Baby is doing great I love to feel every move and kick (okay almost every one sometimes the ones at 1am get a little annoying,lol). Had my fluid checked today and its 16cm which is great!

Dr said they may send me home between 32 and 34weeks if I am still staying quiet and not ruptured at that point!!!

*incase you were wondering 7 days untill my next milestone of 28weeks, YAY!

lots of love