My Pregnancies

Here I am going to talk about all of my pregnancies and what happend and the journey I went through with each of them. I am currently pregnant for the 6th time and in the last 7years since I found out I was pregnant with my first it has sure been a journey. Just a Warning to you before you read these if you so choose to, not all the pregnancies ended in a happily ever after sort of way. They each ended in their own way some happy and some not. So enjoy my journey through the past.

On December 17th, 2003 I found out I was pregnant with my first baby things were pretty uneventful in the first few months. I was ofcourse sick, but that is a normal pregnancy symptom! I went to Hawaii and Cancun early on in my pregnancy and those both went pretty well besides puking in the airport...not a fun time. At my 20week anatomy ultrasound we found out we were expecting a little girl. Ofcourse we hadnt picked out a girl name so we started thinking of names, the boy named we picked out was Mason James but that went on used. Around 28weeks I got sharp pains one day while at my moms house she rushed me to the hospital and they realized I was contracting every few minutes so I was given some medication and after a few hours I was released once they got them to stop. At 32weeks I started contracting again and was sent to l&d to get monitored well turned out contractions were every few minutes and they werent able to stop them right away so I was given the first dose of steriod shots to help babies lungs, I then was given Magnesium and OMG i hope I never have to go on that again it is the WORSE! 24 hours later I was given a second dose of steriod shots spent another day in the hospital then was sent home to rest, I could sit in a chair, get up go to the bathroom, make myself small meals but mainly just take it easy. At 33weeks 3days I noticed a trickle, seemed to me like had kept wetting my pants. Went into l&d and was told my water had broke they then transferred me via ambulance to another hospital because if baby was coming they were unable to handle a baby at that gestation. I then was put on strict bedrest in the hospital only up to use the bathroom and I stayed that way untill 34weeks then I went into labor. I labored for 12hours and at 4:50am on July 5th gave birth to a beautiful lil' girl Kaydince Renee Fetzek weighing 4lbs 9oz 18inches long. I was able to hold her for a few minutes then she was taken to the Special Care Nursery. I was able to visit her a few hours later. The next 12days we spent driving an hour each way to visit our lil' girl. She was able to breathe on her own and eat on her own but she just wouldnt keep her body temp up on her own. So she spent 12days at the hospital and was FINALLY able to come home! She is now a HAPPY and Healthy 6year old and you would never be able to tell she was so little when she came into this world! Since I had an abnormal pap smear at the beginning of pregnancy I had a leep done shortly after Kaydince was born.

I then found out on July 5th, 2005 (Kaydince's 1st birthday) that I was pregnant again! We were both thrilled to be pregnant again...yes a little scared baby may come early but not too concerned. Everything seemed pretty normal morning sickness was a little less then with Kaydince. Then at 16weeks I started getting contractions a few minutes apart so a trip to ER. Dr checked me and realized my bags of water were bulging so I was put on hospital bedrest for the evening to see if they could get bag of water to go back in so I could get a cerclage put in. Well things took a turn for the worse and the next morning when the doctor did an ultrasound they found no heartbeat. We were both devistated at this news and just cried. A few hours later I had to deliver my beauitful baby boy Cyrus Chase Fetzek. I then got a d&c done to get rid of the placenta and everything.

We then decieded to just let things be up to god, yes we wanted more children but figured when it was meant to be it would happen. In October of 2006 I found out I was pregnant again. I changed doctors again this time around and was told that they werent concerned about me having another miscarriage or anything so we just continued my care as normal. At 14weeks I knew something was not right so went to the dr my cervix was still long and closed and nothing seemed to be a concern. That night I got a fever so I called the dr and was told they werent concerned and to just rest. The next morning I woke up and noticed bright red blood and contractions. Went in to the ER and when they did an ultrasound noticed that baby did nto have a heartbeat, again we were devistated. About an hour later I went to the bathroom and had passed the baby, another boy Cash William Fetzek. I then had a d&c and was sent home. I had a rough few weeks with lots of pain so another ultrasound was performed and they noticed they hadnt gotten everything out the first time so another d&c was performed.

After this we had decieded to wait on trying again for another baby at the end of 2007 we started trying and I found out February of 2008 that I was pregnant again. Super scared this time around we had talked to my doctor about referring me to a specialist to figure out what was going on. He refused at first but after a lot of persuading we were referred to maternal fetal medicine center. With my consulation with the dr he wasnt concerned and wanted me to see a normal ob and get ultrasounds twice a week to check cervical length. Everything was going prety well I had noticed a few contractions so around 16weeks was put on restricted rest, just mainly relax, then at 20weeks my water broke went to l&d baby was still alive and my cervix was still LONG and Closed so we had chosen to stay pregnant and just let whatever was going to happen to happen. At 22weeks I started getting lots of pain and pressure and just knew something was wrong. Went into l&d and gave birth to another baby girl Zoe Jean Fetzek weighing just over 1lb since she was born before the viability age of 24weeks and her lungs were to weak to live. She was born with a heartbeat and lived for 2hours we held hugged and loved our precious baby. I was then sent to surgery to get a d&c done to get rid of the placenta. I was sent home the next morning.

At this point we had decieded having more kids was probably not the best idea. But in February of 2009 found out I was pregnant again (i had ran out of birth control pills so it was an oops kind of moment) We were not super happy about this pregnancy and very worried. Talked with my ob and he wanted me to see the maternal fetal medcine center so we agreed but saw a different doctor this time around. At 15weeks 6days I was given weekly 17p shots to help prevent preterm labor. My pregnancy was pretty uneventful untill around 22weeks. I was going to see my perinatalogist every week since 15wk 5days for ultrasounds to check cervical length and to get 17p injections to help prevent pre-term labor. Everything looked very well according to the ultrasounds. Then on July 2nd, 2009 I went in for my apt, I had been having some contractions so was on indocin to help them stay under control. My doctor decieded to check my cervix manually to make sure it was closed,since I went to the labor and delivery at Southdale hospital the day before and they told me I was a fingertip dilated (i wasnt too worried because a L&D nurse told me this a week before and when the dr checked me she was wrong) Well, my doctor checked me and to her suprise and ours I was dilated to one. So she decieded to send me to Riverside hospital for the weekend for monitoring and meds. I was there on bedrest untill Monday July 6th, they let me go home on strict bedrest, only up to use the bathroom. Well on July 7th we headed back to the hospital because I was having contractions 5-7minutes apart along with some bleeding. When we got to the hospital the doctor decieded to keep me there on bedrest so I could get the steriod shots to help the lungs develop at 24weeks. So on Saturday July 11th and Sunday July 12th I got the steriod shots. The plan was to send me home on Monday July 13th but the night before I was having contractions 2-3min apart so they decieded to keep me another day to monitor them at this time they had changed my medicine from indosin to nephadmine (sp) every 6hours. Well on Monday July 13th the contractions seemed to have gone away and at 11am I got up to use the bathroom and layed back down and felt a huge contraction then all of a sudden my water broke and I felt the contractions come 2min apart. I called the nurse in and then called Chase to let him know what was going on. The doctor checked my cervix and I was still 1cm dilated so she wasnt concerned with delivering right away so I told Chase to stay at work and I'd call if things changed. So  the next 48hours I was only allowed a liquid diet and had to use a bedside comode for the bathroom. They had stopped the meds to stop contractions since they werent good for baby without the amniotic fluid, so I was only on iv for fluids and antibiotics. I was ofcourse told I would now not be going home untill after baby was born which could be a few days or weeks we didnt know. Things were pretty uneventful the rest of the week. Then on sunday July 19th I started contracting again, I thought the baby was coming so Chase came to the hospital to spend then night. My contractions were about 2min apart from 5pm untill about 12am then slowed down to 4-5min apart untill 6am then they had gone away. All day Monday I just didnt feel well at all my stomach had hurt and I was getting some yellow discharge so I just slept all day long. Then Tuesday when the resident came in my stomach was still fairly sore and the discharge was now yellowish green. My perinatoligst came in around 8am and pushed on my stomach, I was almost in tears it hurt so bad and she said, " I think we're gonna meet this baby today." I at first was in shock and she said we were going to do a c-section at 9:30  because she  thought I was getting an infection so to call Chase. So I called Chase at work and told him to get to the Hospital we were having a baby Today. He got to the hospital a lil before 9am they got me all prepped for surgery and at 9:30 rolled me into the OR for a c-section becaue the baby was breech. Suregery went well, they brought Chase into the OR a little before 10am and at 10:13am we were told we had a girl type baby. We heard her cry-BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD! they got her all set in her isolette and wheeled her around so we could see her, I could only see her little nose. Then her and daddy went to the NICU as I got stitched up. chase came back and they brought me to the recovery room. Chase brought Kaydince in to see me in recovery where we told her she had a baby sister. She was very excited and went and told everyone in the waiting room. After they got Aricelli all situated Chase, Kaydince, and I went and saw her. She is so very small but beautiful.Our beautiful lil' girl was able to come home October 29th, 2009 just two days before her due date. She is now a very happy and healthy 17month old lil' girl.She is walking around furniture and saying a few words and is very healthy! If you are interested in the journey through the NICU that we experienced with Aricelli you can read her caring bridge site here
On September 28th, 2010 I found out I was pregnant for the 6th time. This came as a HUGE shock to me since I was on birth control pills since November 2009. I went to the doctor the second week of October for an ultrasound to confirm dates and to make sure baby was growing correctly. Well much to my suprise I was 10weeks 4days pregnant already and I thought I was around 6weeks. So ofcourse I was then sent to maternal fetal medicine center again to talk to my doctor there. We had agreed on ultrasounds every other week starting around 15weeks and starting at 16weeks to start 17p shots. The plan was to just take it easy and see how things go. Things were pretty uneventful for the first few weeks. At 19weeks 2days I started getting contractions and wasnt able to get them to go away so called the doctor and took a trip to the ER they admitted me to the antepartum unit and started me on indosin to stop the contractions.I was then admitted to the hospital for two days and sent home on modified bedrest, I am able to get up go to the bathroom, prepare small meals, but other then that I am "tied" to the bed/couch all day everyday and to take indosin as needed. Then at 19weeks 6days I woke up in LOTS of pain so I took my meds and the contractions did not go away I waited to call dr because I had an appointment that morning. I saw my dr and she decieded to put me on meds 4times a day. With being on Inosin exclusivley this brought some risks to baby, one being that the amniotic fluid could decrease so this means I have to get ultrasounds twice per week to check fluid levels if they go below normal then I have to stop the medication. So far everything has looked great. At 21weeks 6days I was given my "big" ultrasound to check and make sure baby was developing correctly and everything looks great! We are waiting to find out if baby is boy/girl untill he/she comes into this world! So here I lay today, January 4th, 2011, at 22weeks 4days pregnant just hoping and praying to make it to the "viability" age to get the steriod shots and then take each day,week,month after that as a blessing. I am not due untill May 6th so I will share my thoughts/feelings and milestones on this blog! Enjoy!