Monday, March 7, 2011

I love to Eat and I moved!

Tiberius has now moved to Ridges hospital in Burnsville! He was moved there on Sunday and so far he seems to love his new "home!"
He also started breastfeeding and today we decieded to weigh him before he went to breast to see if he was getting any volume. Well that lil' eater took 8mils which is GREAT! The nurse didnt expect him to take any so instead of his 27mils by tube he got 19 after feeding so I will go back tonight and try breastfeeding again at 5pm. He can go to breast twice a day untill he gets the hang of it then we will go to more frequently!!!
He is now 3lbs 4oz and doing very very well he is working on maintaining his temp still in his isolette. So just feeding and growing like he should be. He is no longer being followed by the Neonatologists he is now being followed by Southdale Pediatrics :) which is a good thing!

Lots of love

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