Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Met my sister Kaydince :)

So last night big sister Kaydince finally got to meet Tiberius! At first she seemed a little distracted by the hospital but then she asked if she could hold her lil' brother. Once she got him in her arms she didnt want to let go she just sat and talked to him and kissed him on his hat and held his sweet little hand. When I told her it was time to go she say, bye i am staying here. Since she couldnt she now has big plans to go up there with me every night at 5pm as long as she gets her homework done!

Tiberius is doing great 3lbs 9oz now and eating like a little champ! He took 14mils by breast last night :) which is over 1/2 of his feeding! Today he did 8mils which is all good for his age (32weeks 5days)

Tiberius will have to wait until he comes home to meet his big sister Aricelli but I am sure she will also love him lots!

Lots of love

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